Sit Back and Listen ...


Hear the scorching sounds of the lead guitar,

the harmonica wailing in the night,

the drums whisper a steady shuffle,

and the bass fills out the groove. 

Three kindred souls came together to start a new blues project . 

The bodies in the audience begin to sway to the sounds of the night .

The bass and drums provide the bottom , while the harmonica and guitar

bring the music to the forefront , for another night of musical bliss ...


With over two decades of playing blues together , Bob Bass { lead Vocals, harmonica, and guitar }  

Dave Meissner { bass guitar and vocals } and Clay Miller { drums } bring new life to old classics .

Steady grooves , funky backbeats and smooth blues are the foundation ...


When we get on stage something just takes over and we go along for the ride.

The crowd provides the energy to push us to our musical limits . 


We feel we offer a truly unique sound with our harmonica based, upbeat music

that appeals to all and transcends age.

At our shows you will find young and old coming together to appreciate the soulful blend.

From wing tipped shoes to cowboy boots, everyone loves the blues ...


Dynamics and touch , are things lost in much of today’s music ...

we feel it is so important to bring these elements to light . 


We are truly blessed to have the love and support of so many friends and family  ,

you make us who we are , and allow us to share our lives with our audiences. 


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